A Mobile-Friendly Commerce Theme For Drupal 7

Recently I released my first public original Drupal 7 theme to the community. I pulled my inspiration from some of my favorite base themes like Adaptivetheme, Omega, and even Bartik. The Storefront theme was designed specifically to give a clean feel to the Drupal 7 distrobution, Commerce Kickstart. The theme will also work for other sites using the Drupal Commerce modules.



A Wonderful App for Front End Development

I found out about this app when attending a BoF (Birds of Feather) session lead by Sam Richard and Mason Wendell at Drupalcon in Denver. The Bof was about Responsive Theming using SASS + Compass, but there were a number of additional 'gems' to be found at this session.


The Responsive Web

Expand your boundaries with some responsive practices.

Many designers are turning towards responsive web practices as a way to expand the flexibility of their websites. If you keep some of these practices in the back of your mind as you develop your websites, it will help to ensure that your site will provide a nice precentation on multiple devices.

Today, you really can't afford to sacrifice designing for a tablet or smartphone, so designing responsively allows you to do that in real time.


Save Time With SASS

It's Syntactically Awesome!

I've read over and over again that if you are not using SASS or LESS, you should be. There is certainly no argument there! What could possibly be better than Dynamic Stylesheets? I think the biggest reasons for CSS designers to avoid the change is simply comfort in what they know. SASS or LESS requires a bit of a difference in your workflow - but believe me, it is only for the better. 


Scroll in Tabs

jScrollPane can be applied to tabbed content.

About a year ago, I made a post about using jScrollPane for customizing scrollbars with CSS. Recently I did a project that required this feature to be implemented in various ways. One of these implementations required these custom scrollbars to be applied within Tabbed content.


Theming Toolbox

My favorite modules and other helpers for theming.

Over time I have collected a number of modules and tools that have helped me to do theme Drupal sites more efficiently. This post is all about sharing that information with you!

1. Devel


The Form Hunt

Finding the way to create custom form templates in Drupal 7

Sometimes getting started in Form API can be like opening random doors until you find a piece of what you are looking for. Then you have to put it all together. When I first discovered a preprocess function that allowed me to create Drupal forms in a template file, I finally felt that I had complete control of controling the user experience.


Symlink Soup

Symlinking makes for easier updates and quicker reverts if necessary.

Recently I started setting my websites up with this symlink structure that I absolutely love. This setup allows me to quickly switch between versions of Drupal, so when there is an update, I could quickly revert to the previous install if something breaks horribly.


Shadowbox Captions

You may have thought captions were a limitation of Shadowbox.

Shadowbox is a media viewer that prides itself on being standards compliant, flexible, and easy to use. In most of my exploration of different pop-up style media viewers, it seems that I would have to agree with their stand and say that at this point, Shadowbox is probably my favorite.